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Echoschall - Verleih von Mikrofonen, Synthesizern und Audiotechnik in Berlin. Alles für die perfekte Aufnahme.

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Echoschall recording equipment rental offers an exquisite selection of professional studio technology which can be used for the realisation of audio recordings of the highest order. Echoschall gives every demanding composer, performer, or recording engineer the opportunity to rent legendary vintage and contemporary microphones, preamps, dynamic processors as well as audio interfaces locally in Berlin or, alternatively, all across Germany via shipping. For monitoring and mixing purposes, we have studio headphones and studio monitor speakers for rent. We offer high-quality audio converters for mastering applications, too.

We also have electronic musical instruments for rent which help to establish ideal settings for the creation of highly original timbres, thanks to their characterfully vibrant tone and their intuitive design. Our collection sports popular analogue synthesizers, percussion synthesizers, drum computers, effects devices, stompboxes, and MIDI/CV converters and controllers.

Neumann Microphones U47, U67, U87

Our arsenals

Echoschall has classic audio technology from the 1950s and 1960s for rent as well as contemporary recording equipment. We have a droolworthy collection of microphones that leaves nothing to be desired.

In our collection, we are proud to boast that, for recording vocals, we have some of the world's most legendary and popular microphones of all times (Neumann U47, M49, U67, and AKG C12). All these large-diaphragm microphones –  released between 1949 and 1960 –  are based on valve technology. Thanks to the component parts used – namely capsules, valves, output transducers, and cage designs –, each of these microphones can bring out grandeur and perfection of a trained voice. The names of a many great jazz and pop singer are indelibly associated with the use of a specific type and model of microphone. In order to find out which model suits a voice best, models of your choice can be tried out and compared with each other at our premises.

Also part of our assortment are microphones which were designed with the aim of reproducing sound as naturally and true to the original sound source as possible (e. g. Schoeps Colette, Neumann KM84, Sennheiser MKH series). When recording a classical concert which is to be documented for future generations, these small-diaphragm microphones are the tools of choice. When it comes to making stereo recordings, they are often superior to their large-diaphragm brethren due to their consistently linear response patterns across the entire frequency range.  

Dynamic microphones are mainly used when recording extremely loud signals as, for instance, bass and snare drums, toms, percussion instruments, guitar or bass amplifiers, or brass. These microphones, which are usually based on moving coils or ribbons, can deal with excessive volume levels quite well.

The microphone preamps we have in our collection are mainly well-known vintage analogue devices designed for German broadcast applications. They have all been refurbished, brought back to specs completely, and built into sturdy lunchboxes. The recording chain is complemented by valve- or transistor-based compressors as well as by audio interfaces made by RME. For mastering applications, we have added the high-end D/A converter Lavry Gold AD122-96 Mk. III to our assortment.

In addition to the audio equipment mentioned, we have for rent a vast range of accessories to choose from, e. g. headphone amplifiers, microphone stands, stereo bars, elastic microphone suspension mounts, pop filters, and high-quality broad-range absorber panels.
Our assortment is constantly being expanded.

Maintenance and servicing of the equipment

Of course, all devices we have for rent have been checked thoroughly and – where required – brought back to full specs by experienced technicians. Our condenser microphones are serviced by Andreas Grosser, one of the world's leading specialists in that area. Servicing our ribbon microphones is divided among several authorities, namely Stewart Tavener (Bang & Olufsen BM5, Melodium 42B), Olaf Prinz (Siemens Ela M25) as well as the companies Beyerdynamic and Coles (that look after their own makes). Our moving-coil microphones are serviced by AKG specialist Michael Amon, and by Peter Drefahl. Maintenance work of the preamps, as well as rack-mounting them, lies in the capable hands of Eckehard Dux.
We are especially thankful to Martin Schneider (Neumann) and Klaus Kirchhöfer (Beyerdynamic) for checking out microphones in their dedicated lab rooms to make sure those microphones are up to factory specifications.
Many of the devices we have for rent are true rarities which can be irredeemably lost in case of theft or damage. For this reason, every Echoschall client is bound to stick to the rules for using microphones.

Delivery set

The prices for the microphone rentals are set prices!

  • All large-diaphragm condenser microphones are hired out depending on the type of microphone with a power supply unit, a microphone cable and an original shock mount. One can also choose a stand mount swivel as an alternative.
  • All small-diaphragm condenser microphones are hired out depending on the type of microphone with a power supply unit, a microphone cable and an elastic suspension. Alternatively one can choose a microphone clamp instead of an elastic suspension.
  • According to the model, ribbon and moving coil microphones come with a stand adapter or a microphone clamp.
  • Pop screens and acoustic modules can also be borrowed free of charge – as available.
  • Microphones will be given to the renter in sturdy Peli Storm cases and preamp racks in solid Amptown cases.

Collection of the equipment

The equipment we have for rent can be collected upon appointment at our premises in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg. Prospective clients from a Rap background are requested to submit weblinks first (e. g. dedicated website, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc.).
You can find the shipping conditions here!

Please bring along:

1. A valid ID card or a valid passport along with an official registration document (“Anmeldung”)

2. 100 € cash deposit

3. For insurance reasons it is additionally necessary to bring the following for the Neumann models U47, M49, U67, M149 and the AKG C12:
- a trade licence
- or proof of a freelance work in the field of music/film/media
- or an authorization of a public corporation
- or an authorization of a registered association or club