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Renting microphones - rules for using microphones

Studio microphones are very durable studio tools when used correctly and serviced regularly in spite of their sensitivity due to their construction. Especially with the condenser and ribbon microphones a number of precautions need to be observed. When renting a microphone the renter is committed to obeying the following terms of use.

Handling/Setting up

1. Never blow into a microphone! Speak normally when checking.

2. During a vocal recording always use a pop screen! Pop screens are provided with every vocal microphone free of charge.

3. Ribbon and condenser microphones with a metal diaphragm are very sensitive towards strong air-streaming. For that reason, they must be kept at a minimum distance of 20 cm to the instrument/speaker. Pop screens have to be used for the micing of amplifiers or the brass. Neither of these microphones may be set up inside a bass drum or positioned directly in front of the sound hole of the resonance skin. 

4. Keep ribbon microphones away from iron dust or filings!

5. Any form of mechanic vibration should be avoided absolutely! Especially when tube microphones are switched on vibrations of any kind can cause the thread inside the tube to break.

6. Condenser and ribbon microphones must always be mounted on suitable stands.
For the ribbon models Coles 4038, RCA 44BX, Melodium 42B and Siemens Ela M25 particularly strong microphone stands (eg K&M 21411) are required.

7. Pay attention to the relief of the microphone cable! The cable must be attached to the stand with the cable clamps provided and fastened at the foot of the stand. This prevents also tilting of the stand during mechanical strain.

8. Do not let the plugs of the microphone cables fall to the ground from a great height!

9. When leaving a microphone on a stand overnight please cover it with the dust protection provided by us free of charge!

10. Do not attach any tape on the microphones and cables!

11. When technical problems or malfunctions occur microphones and preamps must be switched off and Echoschall Rental informed. 

12. The unscrewing of rented pieces of equipment by the renter is strictly prohibited.

Electricity supply

13. Only the power supply units provided may be used!

14. First make sure that all cables are connected before switching on the power supply unit!

15. After transporting the pieces of equipment at low temperatures leave them room temperature for at least 60 minutes before setting up.

16. Tube condenser microphones should be switched on and off as little as possible – once a day is best!

17. Always wait for 15 min. after switching off a tube condenser microphone. The microphone should not be removed from the stand until the tube has cooled down. 

18. Ribbon microphones should never be connected with phantom power (48V) switched on!

19. Never change the microphone capsule with phantom power or power supply units switched on when using modular microphone systems like the Schoeps Colette Series or the Neumann CMV563!

20. Caution when using preamps and mixing consoles with T power! None of the microphones within our rental program may be operated with T power. 

21. Never mask the protective earthing conductor at the electricity socket!