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Testing Microphones - Microphone test at your own studio

A studio microphone is the most important link within an audio chain – here, sound waves are converted into electrical impulses, and this is where an artist's performance meets electronics. The proper choice of a microphone is a crucial and tremendously important decision. Since we have a variety of excellent microphones available which we want to be tested and heard, we offer our clients the following service:

  • Clients based in Berlin can try out various microphones for comparison at our premises – free of charge. This is valid for vocals and solo instruments (acoustic guitar etc.). There is no way of recording yet – if you feel inclined to make a recording, please bring your own computer and audio interface.
  • When renting a condenser microphone for more than four days, Berlin-based clients can additionally rent another condenser microphone of their choice free of charge for one day, for conducting a microphone comparison at their own premises. This is aimed at those who would like to rent a Neumann U87 but who would also love to compare it to a Neumann U67 side-by-side – of course, the alternative model must be available for rent at that time. The microphone that is no longer to be used can be returned to us the very next day, either personally or by courier service.
  • Clients who rent their equipment through the mail have the same option after a minimum rental period of seven days.

Apart from objective criteria as frequency range and sound diffusion of an acoustic instrument, acoustic properties of the recording space or more specific requirements that depend on the musical genre the microphone is to be used in (pop, jazz, classical music etc.), personal tastes and preferences always are an important factor when it comes to finally settling for a model. Any decision should be made based on your personal experience and thorough listening.